Home standby care


Prevent costly generator repairs:

Have a regular maintenance and oil change scheduled. 

Keep grass clipping and debris away from your generator.

Make sure all sprinklers are pointed away from your generator. 

Check for animals and snakes that may make a home in your generator.

Make sure all gutter downspouts are not near the generator.

Don't plant any bushes or shrubs within 3' of your generator.

Don't place anything within 3' of your transfer switch.

Make sure nothing is blocking ventilation or exhaust system.

Call us if:

You see oil leakage. 

There is corrosion on battery terminals.

Your generator does not conduct it's test exercise when it should.

Your generator is not powering on or off when it should be.

Be sure to have a regular maintenance done on your generator

Our certified technicians can provide inspections and maintenance for your generator once or twice per year. 

  These inspections will include:

· Inspect entire equipment for any oil, water and fuel leaks.

· Inspect exhaust system and air inlet system.

· The entire equipment to be lubricated, and oil changed if the running time is more than 50 hours, or a minimum of once per year. Used oil to be disposed of according to OSHA and EPA guidelines.

· Inspect condition and tension of all belts.

· Inspect cooling system to include condition of coolant, hoses, radiator and inlet and outlet dampers.

· Inspect fuel system to include carburetor, flex lines and regulator.

· Check condition of batteries and battery charge rate.

· Clean air cleaner or change element as required.

· Inspect generator brushes and slip rings when necessary.

· Inspect generator control and engine wiring.

· Inspect AC wiring at generator and automatic transfer switch(es).

· Check all instruments for proper operation.

· Instruct owner, if owner is available and present at time of inspection, on operation and upkeep procedures between inspections.

· After all of the above, run generator set and conduct testing (under load when practical).

· Submit a report of this inspection to the owner, and advise of any further work required.

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